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Leaky Roof? Call The Women

Updated: Thursday, January 24 2013, 05:22 PM EST

They're roofers who work for free, for the people that need it most and - to the surprise of many - they're women.

They're Rutherford County's Women Roofers.

"I was asking at our church for a group to help with roofing this house," says Billy Honeycutt of the Rutherford Housing Partnership. "A couple ladies from the church came and talked to me about doing this, so I acknowledge I thought for a minute and said 'Well, nobody else has volunteered.'"

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And so began The Women Roofers. With Honeycutt as the teacher, and often the supervisor, the women have worked on 67 houses in the last year.

They're all volunteers and they've grown to about 80 members - mothers, grandmothers, daughters, divorces, widows and retirees - ranging from 18 to 75 years old.

"I'm planning to do my birthday on the roof at 70, which is coming up," said Donna Ohmstead who spotted the group in the newspaper.

She had been a nurse all her life when she spotted the ad.

"I thought, I could climb a ladder, I could usually hit a nail with a hammer, and I thought - I can do this, this is fun," said Ohmstead.

Irenabell McAdoo's house was their first roof in 2013.

"I said 'Women roofers?' because I had never heard of that before you know - all women - so oh my God," said McAdoo remembering when she was told her who fix her leaky roof.

"I would hope it would just encourage people to do things that they think they can't do," says Lori Herrick.

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Leaky Roof? Call The Women

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