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LiveWell: Luke Notestine

Updated: Tuesday, February 18 2014, 10:42 PM EST
I've been lucky enough to cross off one of the top items on my bucket list; skydiving!  I was able to take the plunge while working on a story at my last job in Dayton, Ohio. 

"This is incredible.  Best thing I have ever done. Best thing I have ever done!  I see some birds!  I see some planes!"

One of my true passions is playing golf.  As much golf as possible.  Stan Pamfilis and I hit the links whenever we find some free time. 

"The best part about coming out here to play golf with Stan is that we get to know each other a little bit better.  But you better believe we're competitive against each other.  Usually the loser has to buy lunch.  Sometimes that's me and sometimes it's Stan. 

Stan says, "That's why I've gotten so big!  Haha!"

The Asheville Tourists made me feel right at home during my first year here in the Land of the Sky.

Stan says, "The Asheville Tourists going for their fourth straight win tonight, and they had just the man they wanted on the hill.  His name, Luke Notestine.  He threw out the first pitch tonight right after he waves to the crowd.  The windup, Strike!  Part of our Friday Night Hotspot feature.  Not only can he throw, Luke is multi-talented.  He can also dance.  He does the 'Worm' with the best of them!"

I ran my first half marathon a few months ago in Asheville.  I love the components of staying in shape.  The physical and mental challenges it presents keep me focused and ready for anything.

After a workout, there is nothing I would like to eat more than a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, my favorite candy of all time.  But I'm not going to do it.  Instead I like to eat lean proteins like this deli turkey, and lots of green stuff, like brocolli.  Yum!!LiveWell: Luke Notestine

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