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Madison County House Fire

Updated: Tuesday, March 26 2013, 10:12 PM EDT
A family says they're lucky to be alive after fire broke out at their home in Madison County this morning.

Firefighters were called to Barnard Road in the Walnut Community just before 11am.

Crews had to deal with heavy snowfall on top of the flames.

The family of four was inside, when they smelled something burning.

Tommy Cooper, renter, "I went to tell my wife I could smell smoke and when I got back out to the foot of the house the fire was blazing out on the front porch. And I tried to put it out. No avail."

While the family of four and their dogs were okay, three birds inside the home were killed.

Cooper says he thinks a heat lamp on the front porch that's used to keep their outside dog warm started the fire.

He says they're getting a lot of support from his wife's family and a local church.Madison County House Fire

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