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Moogfest to Continue

Updated: Wednesday, December 12 2012, 06:06 PM EST
One of Asheville's most popular music festivals is staying put.
Despite a separation with its promoter  Moog Music says "Moogfest" will continue as just that.

It's something Bob Moog' family and his company tell us will not change.
There would be no Moogfest without Bob Moog and the legacy he left behind, people are still creating electronic music equipment in his name.

There is responsibly at Moog music to honor him and to celebrate his pioneering innovative spirit that carries on with Moogfest.   

Michelle Moog-Koussa, the executive director, "we'll be celebrating Bob's technical achievements the music that they inspired we'll be celebrating Asheville the community and the artists."

Moogfest has decided to not renew it's contract with promoter A.C. Entertainment.

"We're really just concentrating on the future and moving forward and creating the absolute best festival we can for next year."

Despite the promoter's decision to have it's own festival Moogfest will continue.

"I think so, I think Moogfest will stand on no matter what other festivals are around and I also think the participating organizations are smart enough to place their festivals in position where they'll both be successful."

Organizers say they're planning for next year and are in the search process for a new promoter.

One thing they assure us as well, Moogfest is here to stay in Asheville.
"I've always felt that Asheville's vibe and the vibe that Bob had both personally and professionally were really mirrors of each other."

Organizers promise more details of next year's festival as they're worked out.   

By Russ Bowen
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