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Mountain Snow

Updated: Friday, February 1 2013, 01:37 PM EST
A second wave of winter weather iced roads and put down several inches of snow in the mountains.
In Weaverville today, a light powder with frozen slush beneath it is causing issues for drivers.
As you go north, you find heavier amounts of snow.
This morning, Barnardsville highway was wet but the side roads remained icy.
The temperature has been dropping steadily and that has put well water technician Wayne Potts on the road, where frozen lines has left homes without water.
Sometimes they freeze inside these plastic shells covering the well heads that look like a rock.
Wayne Potts, Well Water Technician, "a lot are frozen up, people need to take a little more caution on insulating them, and more or less, upkeep."
Potts says that upkeep can cost as little as $20 worth of insulation to avoid a $150 service call to thaw out the lines.
He expects many more calls tomorrow as the temperature drops into the teens tonight
Today is also a snow day for many counties in Western North Carolina.Mountain Snow

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