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Old School Milkman Makes Comeback In Asheville

Updated: Tuesday, January 8 2013, 07:06 PM EST

The rise of grocery stores led to the fall of familiar delivery guys, but the milkman might just be poised for a comeback.

The route might be reminiscent of something your grandparents remember.
"People like the idea of the milkman coming back," said Jonathon Flaum.

Tuesday, his business "Farm To Home Milk" launched delivery service at 100 homes. "We have some good products," Flaum said behind the wheel. "I think people are willing to give us a try.  "

His delivery service highlights local food products, from dairy to seafood. He typically leaves the milk in a cooler that's left at the client's front door.

Many who seem him on the street react instantly with a sense of nostalgia.

"It's good to see it back, it skipped a generation and now we've got our  milk delivery again," says one thrilled customer. "Pretty excited, look at the goodies!"

Flaum was a corporate consultant for 12 years and this new venture is his way of going back to the basics.

"It's just a nice basic interaction, boom! There's joy in the  moment."

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Old School Milkman Makes Comeback In Asheville

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