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Pet Obesity

Updated: Wednesday, January 23 2013, 05:57 PM EST
With an estimated 93 million dogs and cats currently overweight or obese in our nation, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association has tips for owners with overweight pets including regular pet exercise, proper feeding and warning signs of pet obesity.

  • Common health risks associated with pet obesity include: osteoarthritis, Type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension and a shortened life expectancy.
  • Pet obesity is a people problem. Pay attention to what you feed your pet and be aware of the number of treats that you share with your pet. Try offering single ingredient treats or fresh vegetables such as baby carrots, string beans, broccoli or other crunchy vegetables.
  • To preview pet obesity, help your pet exercise and stay active.
  • When walking dogs, make sure you have the right equipment and set the right pace.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about what you are feeding your pet and how you can help manage their weight.
  • Check your pets weight on a regular basis.
Pet Obesity

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