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Record French Fry In Waynesville?

Updated: Friday, February 15 2013, 08:04 PM EST

An epic piece of fast food is now a Waynesville woman's conversation piece. She's beaming with pride over what could be a record find.

"It's fry-tastic!"

Kim Medford of Waynesville got precisely what she wanted, and more.

"Ordered a large fry from arby's and that's exactly what I got is one large fry."

A curly fry she's measured to be 38 inches long, which she believes is a world curly fry record. Yep.

"I said great day!" recalls Medford. "Course I kept pulling it out."

Before this, the "World Record Academy" claimed two buffalo men held the record with a 34 inch fry. At the time, that shattered the previous Guiness mark of 24 inches.

Medford thinks her strand of extra starch is something special.

"An anomaly like that, I think it's a miracle by the time it's cut!"

By John Le
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Record French Fry In Waynesville?

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