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Rep. Meadows Calls For More School Officers

Updated: Wednesday, February 20 2013, 10:40 PM EST

With mountain law enforcement leaders standing behind him at Hendersonville Elementary, Representative Mark Meadows called for bi-partisan support of the "Protect America's Schools Act."

"It's all about making sure our streets, communities, and schools are safer," says the 11th District Congressman.

Meadows wants bring back the "Cops In Schools" grant program that was first launched under the Clinton administration 14 years ago. CIS hasn't been funded since 2005.
Rep. Meadows proposes 30 million dollars to hire new officers. He says 134 million dollars in unspent dollars would come from NOAA.

The legislation, of course, is spurred by the December killing spree at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, CT.

"So we have to put partisan politics aside and come up with a real solution," said Meadows, in the Hendersonville Elementary library.  

"And if there's something we are not doing that we can be doing to prevent Newtown, that we take action," Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan said at the news conference.

"We can use these financial resources ased on how we see fit to enhance security," says Sheriff Charles McDonald of Henderson County.

Increasing police presence is no guarantee. In 19-99, when Columbine High was attacked, there were armed officers on hand.
But Rep. Meadows believes something must be done to restore a sense of security.   
"If I'm speeding and I see an officer, I automatically slow down just because of his presence. Hopefully it's a deterrent.  "

By John Le
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Rep. Meadows Calls For More School Officers

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