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Road Preparations For Winter Blast

Updated: Thursday, January 24 2013, 08:47 PM EST

Snow and sleet are in the forecast and that's putting mountain highway crews on the road to prepare for whatever falls. Their strategy is to treat the roads with a strong salt water solution to reduce the grip ice has on the pavement.

Early Thursday morning, maintenance crews loaded big tanks of the brine they will spray on the roads. This liquid version of the salt they spread on ice and snow can be sprayed on roadways while the sun shines and the pavement is dry. They began with the major four lanes and planned to put the same mixture later on the secondary roads.

Engineers urge drivers to avoid following the trucks closely. Thats because the spray can leave a salty coating on windshields, making it hard for the driver to see the road.

Snowplow drivers say this brine solution makes their job easier when snow accumulates on the roads. The brine keeps the ice from bonding to the pavement. That allows the snowplow blades to move the slush onto the shoulder.

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