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Salvation Army Needs Help

Updated: Monday, March 18 2013, 09:36 PM EDT
The people famous for offering a helping hand are now in need of help themselves.  The Salvation Army is struggling with a $250,000 budget shortfall as a result of declining revenues.

The Salvation Army's Lt. Kim Cundiff says, "demand for our services has been rising while our donations have been falling short."  She says it's been a steady trend over the past few years for her agency and others in the Asheville area.  Cundiff says, "we may have to look at cutting some local programs if this keeps up." 

The Salvation Army provides about 300 meals a day, houses more than 70 people daily and provides programs through its Boys and Girls Club to disadvantaged teens.  Most people see them around the holidays raising money with red kettles for their Christmas toy drive.  But officials say their work continues year round and they are praying for the public's support.

by Frank Fraboni Salvation Army Needs Help

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