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Shogun Five Protest

Updated: Tuesday, January 22 2013, 09:20 PM EST

The countdown is on for five former Shogun Buffet employees who were arrested during an immigration raid last year. Several of those workers face deportation this Wednesday. However, they're fighting with voices of support to stop it. They took their case to the office of Senator Kay Hagan Monday.

Five of the twelve immigrants who were arrested during the November of 2011 raid face deportation. The immigrants say they don't believe Senator Hagan has done enough to plea their case to immigration and they want the senator to write a letter of support for the "Shogun Five." They say the senator has spoken out for comprehensive immigration reform, but don't think she's done anything to take a stand for people who are being deported. One woman who faces deportation this Wednesday says she'll leave behind a sick husband and face terrible conditions in El Salvador.

"I'm afraid to return to El Salvador because of the gangs because they demand money or the kidnap us or they kill our family members," she told News-13.

Several of the immigrants were allowed to speak with a Hagan staffer, who they say told them he would pass the information along.

Senator Hagan's office responded by saying: "It is the office's policy that we do not comment on any individual constituent case.  In general, Senator Hagan supports prioritizing the use of the federal government's limited resources on those individuals who pose a risk to national security or public safety."

The immigrants vow to return to the office Tuesday.

By Russ Bowen
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Shogun Five Protest

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