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Swain County Flooding

Updated: Wednesday, January 16 2013, 05:24 PM EST
The rain has finally tapered off but it's left behind a lot of flooding problems especially in our western counties.
Residents had to be evacuated from a campground along the cresting Tuckasegee River after waters crested at 12.6 feet. Ten feet is considered "flood stage".
They found other places to stay and many of the RVs near the river were hauled away to higher ground.
Residents say too much rain flooded the river.
"It was just more water than it could handle..once it quit  raining it started dropping on back out.  But it was just so much at one time it couldn't handle it it always comes in on the low side" said John Porter, a campground resident.
Swain county emergency services says right now the Tuckasegee is at 10.5 feet and dropping significantly.
We'll continue to follow this story and have much more tonight on News 13.Swain County Flooding

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