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Tree Trimming Policy Minimizes Outages

Updated: Thursday, February 13 2014, 11:39 PM EST
Some people lost power in the height of the snowstorm. But those numbers could have been much higher.

Haywood Electric Membership Corporation says its efforts well before the snow, paid dividends by maintaining consistent right of way trimming of trees along power lines.

It says because of that policy, it experienced only four outages since the snow stated falling, affecting 102 members.

Haywood EMC says that's a low number compared to the 26 thousand homes, farms and small businesses it serves in many counties including Haywood,  Buncombe, Jackson, Macon, Madison, and Transylvania.

It knows trees falling on power lines can be a big problem.
“We certainly don't need them hitting the lines and this procedure helps us maintain the lines and keep the power on during these kinds of storms,” says Ken Thomas.

Thomas attributes the low outage numbers to this storm being more of a snow event...than ice... and he says for the most part wind has stayed down.

He knows we're not completely out of the woods yet, and crews are standing by if they're needed.

By Rex Hodge
Follow Rex on Twitter @RexHodgeWLOSTree Trimming Policy Minimizes Outages

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