Major league baseball player Cameron Maybin helps kids in his hometown

Major league baseball player and Asheville native, Cameron Maybin, speaks with News 13 about his Maybin Mission project to help kids in his hometown. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Cameron Maybin has always been known for his great playing skills, but that's not what he's all about. The major league baseball player and T.C. Roberson alum is using his athletic fame to make a big contribution to his hometown.

Maybin says he's very proud to be from Asheville.

"Being a kid who grew up in this town, this town is dear to my heart. I talk about it everywhere I go," he said. "I take a little piece of Asheville with me everywhere I go. To be able to come back around the holidays, and reach out, it's a blessing."

During the major league baseball offseason, he spends time keeping his body in peak physical condition.

"Just working out, spending time at home, and working out," Maybin said. "Letting my body recover from last year."

He's also working on a very special project: The Maybin Mission.

"This year, we got together, and thought, 'What a great idea, what a great chance to team up with the Boys and Girls Clubs and really give back.' We're teaming up with the Salvation Boys and Girls Clubs this year, Buncombe County. And we're sponsoring 30 kids from the Angel Tree," Maybin explained.

The Maybin Mission is all about helping families in need during the holidays. Cameron's generosity comes as no surprise to the people around him, including Colby Harris, the program director at Parisi Speed School in Hendersonville.

"Cam understands that it's not really about him. He understands that there is a bigger purpose to it," Harris said. "Him giving his time, and helping these families shows his true humility. That shows his character."

During the time Maybin spent with News 13 this week, he said he could not do any of this without his support system.

"My wife is heavily involved, Courtney. She did a lot the first year, did everything herself, coordinated," he explained. "We went out together and bought kids toys, presents and clothes. And I couldn't do it without my family."

As of Wednesday afternoon, there were still four spots available for sponsorships.

"It's easy to make a sponsorship, make a donation. You can buy a kid a gift or make a sponsorship," Maybin said. "Whatever people decide to do definitely helps. It's been a tremendous turnout so far, as far as phone calls, people reaching out, asking what they can do to help."

As proud as Cameron is to be from Asheville, the City is even more thankful for the man that he's become.

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