East Rutherford basketball coach has become a true father figure for his players

Brad Levine gets his players ready (WLOS Staff).jpg

BOSTIC, NC -- East Rutherford basketball coach Brad Levine has done a phenomenal job this season. The Runnin' Cavaliers were 25-0 as of Thursday, and they'll play for the regular season conference title.

This week's Game Changer has earned the trust of his players on and off the court.

Brad says, "I want you to be my team who plays hard every minute! We're not going to let up!"

Brad Levine loves to coach basketball.

"When we started, we made a vow to each other that we were going to be absolutely as good as we can be. Are we that every night? Are we that every practice? No. But we know what it takes."

The Cavaliers are 25-0 and have won 24 of those games by double digits.

Brad says, "Come here just a minute, real quick. Hurry! Hurry! Let's go!"

Tyrese Carson says, "He's a hard coach. He's the hardest coach I've ever played with. He puts in lots of hours. He puts in his research more than I've ever known a coach to do."

"Good! Good! Good!"

His responsibilities extend beyond the court.

Tyrese Carson says, "I look at Coach like a father figure. Not many of us have Dads in our home. Coach Levine is one of those guys you can talk to. Come in his office, close the door and have a heart to heart conversation. It won't leave the room because Coach is that kind of guy. You can trust him with information like that."

Malik Hamrick says, "He helps out a lot, not only with school work, but with basketball, with personal stuff. He's always there for you. He's like a next father to everyone."

The Cavaliers trust Coach Levine, and the results this season speak for themselves.

Brad Levine says, "I think the kids know exactly what we expect out of them everyday. The attitude has not changed from the beginning to now."

The Cavaliers will host Shelby for the Smoky Mountain Athletic Conference championship on Friday night.

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