TC Roberson baseball players shine on and off the field

The T.C. Roberson baseball team is consistently one of the top teams in Western North Carolina and throughout the state. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

The T.C. Roberson baseball team is consistently one of the top teams in Western North Carolina and throughout the state.

The Rams have also become known for their tremendous attitude off the field as well as how they rule the Mountain Athletic Conference (MAC).

"We went undefeated in the MAC last year. Hopefully replicate that again," Garrett Blaylock, T.C. Roberson shortstop and pitcher, said. "We all want to come out here with an unbelievable amount of energy. And if we do that, I think we can beat anybody in our conference."

Starting this season with a perfect record of 7-0, the Rams have to guard against complacency.

"Sometimes I see us lag because we're 7-0, but right when we think about us, coach will yank us and say, 'Hey, you're not too good, and you're not above anything. Anybody can beat anybody on a given day,'" Collin Watt, a senior infielder and pitcher, said.

Head coach Eric Filipek has done an extraordinary job in keeping his players focused on what really matters.

"He's a great character who wants the best for us," Jacob McCarthy, a senior center fielder, said. "He's going to be hard on us, and sometimes I deal with it. He's hard on me everyday, but he's the reason I've become what I've become."

"Coach Filipek is almost a father figure to all of us. He makes us become the best man we can be," senior Brice Talley said. "He doesn't just make us do things that are good for us on the field, but makes us become gentlemen off the field."

The players say they feel a great responsibility to uphold and to enhance the reputation of the program by showing great enthusiasm and passion for the game.

"If we're down in the dugout, it's just going to rub off on everybody. It's contagious," Blaylock said. "It's positive energy, so we like to keep it positive in there."

Academic success also plays a huge role for the Rams.

"T.C. has incredible athletics as well as academics and even extra-curricular activities," McCarthy said. "Being involved in everything at school has helped me become a better man and has given me a leadership role that I have developed, and given me more confidence in myself over the past couple of years."

If the Rams continue their success on and off the field, this could be a season to remember for all the players, coaches and fans.

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