Former walk-on from Brevard leading UNCA's fight to reach the top

The UNC Asheville women's tennis team is fighting to reach the top level of the sport, and a former walk-on from Brevard is leading the way.

Team captain Hunter Hall began playing tennis in about the eighth grade..

"I haven't always played tennis," Hall said. "I've played basketball and softball for about eight years probably, and then I picked up tennis."

Hall said she when she made the transition from playing tennis back to softball, she could not swing the same way.

"It's like I'm better in tennis, so I just stuck with that," Hall said.

Coach Lise Gregory said Hall is a wonderful human being who has been a great captain for the team for two years and everyone looks up to her.

"She just takes control of a lot of stuff with the team, and I know I can put it in her hands," Gregory said.

The coach said Hall makes it easier for her to act as sort of a delegate for certain things.

"I'm looking forward to this year," Hall said. "I think we have a really deep team, one of the deepest teams I think I've had since we've been here."

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