UNCA women's soccer team hopes to find an edge with 3 sets of twins

The UNC Asheville women's soccer team is full of outstanding student athletes, but six of the players share a special bond that should help a lot with the team chemistry.

It's the offseason for the UNCA women's soccer team. And the team is getting used to having some new players.

Twins Rachel and Megan Bewick just graduated high school early so they could get a head start on their first year of college soccer. They're best friends, most of the time.

"Oh yeah, we fight all the time! Earlier, we were walking up a hill, and we were arguing about how we couldn't hear each other talking," they said laughing.

Good thing they're not the only set of twins on the team. In fact, there's three sets of twins on the roster. Erika and Rachel Snyder will be sophomores next year, and Emma and Caroline Houser will be seniors.

"We're like the original twins," Emma Houser said. "And the Snyders are the younger twins, and the Bewicks are the youngest twins. And it just gets confusing."

"It is tricky at first," coach Michelle Demko said. "It takes me a while to learn the different features of their faces. It also helps if they play different positions."

Demko has been involved in soccer for literally her entire life, from playing professionally at the highest level, to now coaching Division I. She never thought she would experience three sets of twins on one team at the same time, but it's something she hopes can help keep the program headed in the right direction.

"I wear black cleats, and she wears white cleats," Emma Houser said. "And, literally, she would always check the cleats, and our teammates would always do it."

By the time these Bulldogs get to their fall season, they will truly be a sisterhood wearing shin guards.

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