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KIMBERLY KING is an Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award-winning reporter for WLOS. During her recent time at News 13, Kim broke the story of a grand jury's indictment of Kenneth Guthrie for murder. Guthrie was charged after his former girlfriend Jacqueline Maybin died in 2012. Guthrie was convicted of brutally beating Maybin in 1991 leaving her a quadriplegic. But just three days after the murder charges were filed, the prosecutor was forced to drop the 22-year-old case after discovering an old statute prevented it from going forward.

Kim has covered a range of stories from the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York to a seven-year-long investigation into the murder of Indiana University sophomore and cyclist, Jill Berhman.

Kim is known for her tenacity covering a range of issues from social injustice and racism, to crime and consumer fraud. Kim has exposed medical mistakes where patients died as a result of medical malpractice. One investigation revealed the extensive record of an emergency room surgeon who had more malpractice payouts than any physician in the state. Kim's investigation found state officials renewing his license year after year, despite nearly two million dollars in settlements. Following Kim's report, the physician closed his practice and stopped performing surgeries. Kim's consumer investigations have explored the lucrative exotic pet industry where on-line dealers illegally sell deadly venomous snakes to anyone with a valid credit card. She's investigated government waste, including police officers earning over $100,000 a year taking advantage of overtime slush funds. The story resulted in new overtime restrictions on officers.

Kim has received numerous awards from the Associated Press and Society of Professional Journalists. She recently had the opportunity to interview music legend Dolly Parton in Pigeon Forge. A Thoroughbred enthusiast and lifetime rider, Kim served as an executive director for the non-profit Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation(TRF) and CANTER( which helps find Thoroughbreds second careers after their race days are over.

Kim is a new member of the Blue Ridge Bicycle club helping raise awareness of the many health benefits of cycling in Western North Carolina. Kim has worked at stations in Dallas, Indianapolis, and Lexington, Kentucky. She grew up in New York, attended the Chapin School and graduated from Southern Methodist University.