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Greenville Distracted Driving Ban

Greenville could become the latest city to ban cell phone use while driving. City Council is holding a public hearing on a new proposed ban.

Over the past few weeks and even today in Greenville, most people we spoke with support the ban, saying they're willing to sacrifice a little freedom for more safety.

Marshall Jones is driving his car today but with his other vehicle, he's often a victim of distracted driving. He has a Kawaski 600, a street bike. Jones says the problem is worse than people think, "I completely support it, shouldn't be driving distracted at all, if you can't drive intoxicated you shouldn't drive distracted, they're one and the same," he says.

In fact, he's not far off, a 2005 University of Utah study showed both activities have similar dangers, with slower reaction times and a higher likelihood of accidents by distracted drivers over those who are drunk.

AAA has found similar results in its research. Two out of three using mobile devices while calling on phone, one out of three texting while driving. South Carolina is one of the only states left without a statewide ban, which could hit your wallet in insurance costs. Jeremy Likins with AAA says this means, "if they see a lot of claims where distracted driving is a part of it, that's a real issue, that's gonna impact our insurance."

Greenville's proposed ban would include a $100 fine for each offense. After the third offense, a judge could confiscate the phone. Further pushing the line on freedom versus safety, but for many it's worth it. News 13 didn't speak to anyone who objected, but that doesn't mean they're not out there. City Council took comments during the Public Hearing Monday night, January 13th. The ordinance will have to pass two more votes before it becomes law.


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