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Carbon Monoxide Danger

With power outages expected in the next few days, many will be trying to heat their homes any way they can. That's when experts say carbon monoxide poisoning becomes a concern.

Asheville firefighters responded to dozens of calls last year, "people go to extremes if they lose power and they need heat."

Many of the calls happening when the temperature drops.

Kelley Klope, Asheville Fire Department, "what we are fearful people will do, and what we highly recommend that we don't do is never heat your house with your oven, don't bring grills inside, don't bring generators inside."

The colorless, odorless gas can be released from just about any combustion or anything burning inside your home.

"If you're awake during the time that the carbon monoxide is building up, you may start to feel sick and nauseous and dizzy, but really who hasn't felt that when they were getting the flu."

"It's happened to me before, I had one save my life one time." William Withers sells carbon monoxide detectors now, years after one helped him survive a close call.

"The gentleman that was doing my construction actually had my generator spun around where it was blowing back in the house and I started getting a headache and within minutes my carbon monoxide detector went off."

Authorities suggests every family get a detector, at least for the bedrooms, because even sources that you wouldn't think can emit the gas you would never smell.

"I would never use these inside without a carbon monoxide detector, I probably would never use these inside at all. That's so interesting because even on the box it has photos of it being used inside, that's right, I feel like it's deceptive."

Gearing up for the cold, Ally Powell said she has a kerosene heater at home, so she bought an accessory.

Ally Howell, Leicester, "it is a battery operated carbon monoxide detector so if the power goes out, we're good to go."


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