Ask the Vet: A dog that eats cicadas, fleas on a puppy, and a cat with too much ear wax

Dr. Mark Wysocki of Avery Creek Pet Hospital visits the News 13 studio to answer viewers' pet questions every two weeks on Sunday morning.

Christy Hughes Gonzalez asks "My cat binx (pictured) has an excessive amount of ear wax liquid that flies out his ears when he shakes his head. He was already treated for ear mites a year ago. Why so much fluid?"

Kimberly Alicia Adams asks "What is the best way to keep fleas off my 6 week old puppy, Charlie?"

Kyle Roberts asks "My dog has eaten a cicada. Is this harmful?"

You can submit your pet questions on the News 13 Facebook page or by email to

Make sure to include pictures or video of your pet, along with their name(s) and your questions.

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