Ask the Vet: Why are dogs so picky about where they poop?

Dr. Mark Wysocki of Avery Creek Pet Hospital answers your vet questions in our biweekly "Ask the Vet" segment.

The first question this week is from Abigail Francis Roberts. The dog pictured is Savage, Abigail's dog. She asks "Why are dogs so picky about where they poop?"

Steven Gorter also asks "Can an older dog still chew on bones with some of their teeth worn down?"

Send us YOUR pet questions!

Make sure to include a picture or video (turn your phone sideways for video, please!) of your pets. Don't forget to tell us their names and breeds.

You can attach pictures or video with your question on the News 13 WLOS Facebook page, or you can email us at with the subject line "Ask the Vet."

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