A News 13 social experiment takes an elf way beyond a shelf

Scoop, News 13's elf, tags along with crews all over western North Carolina, testing viewer's local knowledge. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

A little elf goes a long way.

News 13 plucked an elf off the shelf for a social media adventure. Scoop, the news room elf, tags along with crews all over western North Carolina.

Viewers are then given the opportunity to test their knowledge and guess where Scoop is on News 13's Instagram.

In a world where so much can go wrong, we brought out a symbol of what's right this time of year.

"Oh, that's my elf, ha ha," said a random guy walking around downtown wearing a dog suit who calls himself Big Rowan. "You know how come Rowan crossed the street, to get to the Barking Lot."

Don't ask.

"Pinnochio?" said Guy from Norway, no lie, apparently unaware that the elf is Santa's helper.

"Just seeing him kind of makes you smile," said Cathy Stover. "He's got button eyes and a big smile."

"He's just a happy person," said Rowan the pretend pooch. "And we just like to see things like him in the world today."

Yeah dog, precisely why News 13 saw a social media opportunity. We've been posting Scoop from downtown and all over Western North Carolina.

"I think that's a great idea, it probably gets peoples interest piqued as to where he's gonna be next," Stover said. "And then to try to identify where is the elf?"

"Ha ha, he can bend his knees," Guy observed, getting used to the idea. "He sits very comfortable."

It's fair to say it's silly-- really silly. Maybe this stuffed little man gave us the scoop on our craving for happy thoughts.

"Someone spreading joy, elves are always happy people," Big Rowan said. Again, the guy in a dog costume. "Yeah we just like running around Downtown Asheville."

Big Rowan's fallen in love with our mascot with a seasonal shelf life. Then again, he's only human.

If you have any Elf on a Shelf pictures, you can submit them to our Christmas Elves bubble under See it, Send it.

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