Hands On! Children’s Museum empowers parents while showing kids simple ways to have fun

At Hands On! Children’s Museum, families often discover how even recycled ideas can be re-purposed. (photo credit: WLOS staff)

At Hands On! Children's Museum, most kids can't wait to get their hands on everything. Over the years, that venue's become as much about the parents as it is the kids.

Charity Marquette, of Henderson County, is not afraid to acknowledge that sometimes even supermom's feel vulnerable.

"At home, I'm not gonna lie, we have a hard time playing," she said, watching her 3-year-old son Greyson.

"Working mom. Sometimes it's a little hard."

Sometimes all moms need a little help inspiring their kids to play and learn.

"Once you are a kid and you walk in and you see all these things you wanna do!" STEM specialist Stephanie Kazmierzak said. "You just wanna do them all at once!"

At Hands On! Children’s Museum, families often discover how even recycled ideas can be re-purposed. Recently, Kazmierzak showcased supplies we all have around the house.

"We've got cardboard, which is your best friend when you are a kid!" she said.

With all those materials, they encouraged children to make recycled critter crafts.

"This is what mommies do when they have to make dinner," Marquette joked. "We don't know what we're making."

The pet projects are more challenging than they look.

"You have to think about, how do I get the my ears to my dog to stick, how do I make the nose stick out," Kazmierzak said.

No critter, no problem. Some made makeshift movie cameras but Greyson went another direction.

"We are making a Power Ranger sword," Marquette said. "Yes, Power Rangers are very serious in my house."

As minutes morphed into playtime, Marquette wasn't afraid to keep it real -- she needs a little parental guidance.

"As a mom, I need a little help being a mom. I forget things that are generally a little simple. But, actually, it's helped me just remembering that imagination and playing with anything can be fun if we have each other."

"The way that this is a haven for moms is it allows them to kind of build off the activities we design," Kazmierzak said.

Coming here gave them a different setting and a new perspective, which sure felt like a breath of fresh air.

"It gives their brains a break so that they can actually enjoy being with their child," Kazmierzak pointed out.

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