OM-Goats: Seeing kids through the lens of a kid

Vivian, 3, meets twin goats at Carl Sandburg Home. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Twin baby goats are getting a lot of "oohs" and "awws" at the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site where lately it's been sweater weather.

"We try to come up this way often," said Brian Cooper of Traveler's Rest, who came to Henderson County with granddaughter Vivian to make happy memories together.

"What do you think of that barn right there?" he asked the little girl.

"It's really good, Papaw!" Vivian replied.

Every image at the Carl Sandburg Home is like a postcard from simpler times. Vivian may be 3 years old, but the magic number on this occasion is two.

"Bring them out to the grass to let them play," said Park Ranger Janene Donovan, holding the kids getting a rock star reception. "They've been in their stall all night, keeping cozy."

Ailish is in a pink sweater while Ash is in yellow. They were born on St. Patrick's Day just 10 minutes apart. Their names were inspired by Sandburg poems.

"They're just like 'They're so cute! They're so cute!'" Janene said of visitor reactions to the twins.

Vivian's first encounter -- captured in our video story -- made her stop in her tracks.

"They're very soft you wanna pet them?" Donovan asked Vivian.

"It's really soft," Vivian described.

The OM-Goat moments have been non-stop.

"Likes your shoes," Donovan told the 3-year-old. "Sometimes they'll chew on shoe laces."

She believes the new additions are perfect for the historic site.

"This is a Saanen," she said of the goat breed. "They're always pure white from the Swiss Alps and this is the kind that Mrs. Sandburg had when she lived here."

"Hi Goats!" Vivian said, getting all too comfortable. Eventually she asked the one question this reporter didn't think to ask.

"Where's the mommy?" she asked.

"We're gonna get the mommy in just a minute. You want to see the mommy?" Donovan answered.

The mother's name is Anya.

"Hi, mommy goat!" Vivian said greeting the mama goat as she came in for feeding time for the newborns, giving Vivian a rare chance to experience the wonder of nature.

She saw it up close and from every angle, then she reported back to papaw.

After a little goading, she even imitated the goats.

"Do it again, the mama's looking at us. Do it real loud so the mom can here us," Papaw Brian said.

While the twins leaned on each other to stay warm, we found comfort by seeing all of it through the lens of youth.

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