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With over 30 years in the restaurant business and a knack for doing it all, Anne Gibson is quickly making the Olive Catering Company a must stop shop in the search for fantastic food trucks in Asheville!

“Food had always been my passion and going to culinary school had been my dream for years. I love making people happy with my food. I graduated from the AB Tech Culinary Program in 2015 and my catering business was a must do,” says Anne.

After starting her catering business two years ago, Anne says the food truck went into service last March and hasn’t looked back since.

About the Team

The Olive Catering Company is a family run business, with Anne as the owner and head chef. Daughter-in-law, Lauren Guyton works on the trailer and oversees marketing; son, Nathan Guyton, jumps in to assist when possible; and husband, Jeff Gibson, is the make-it-happen man who gets the truck where it’s needed. Finally, Rockstar employee Pauline Drye is along for the family ride.

Top menu item &/or owners "choice" item?

Fried Brussels Sprouts which can be served plain with a Basil Mayo or you can get them loaded with Pimento Cheese & Bacon on Top!

The other top-selling item, the classic Burger. “Our burgers are made from Dry Aged Beef from the Chop Shop Butchery in Asheville. The beef comes from Apple Brandy Farms in North Wilkesboro. Cheddar Burgers are always on my menu and Specialty Burger is always offered as well.”

That’s right, their specialty burger is something you don’t want to miss, “a few of my favorite Specialty Burgers are The Mac & Cheese Burger which has Bacon Mac & Cheese on Top with more Cheddar Cheese, More Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Roasted Garlic Mayo. Another Specialty Burger that is a fan favorite is our Big Daddy Burger which is topped with Pulled Pork, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, BBQ Sauce & Fried Onion Rings. I also serve different sandwiches, tacos, noodle bowls, tacos and a lot more depending on where we are. The brewery and venue really determine the type of food to serve. Every place is different and menus get slightly changed.”

Where’s the best place for foodies to find Olive Catering Company?

“We are in different places all the time. We are colleges during the day. At night we are at Dirty Jack's Tuesday & Wednesday PM, Noble Cider on Friday PM, Twin Leaf on Saturdays and Eaton Corporation for Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday at 6 AM.”

What’s your favorite part of working in the Asheville area?

“My favorite part of working in the Asheville Area is the customers themselves. Wherever we are set up, they are so excited to eat from a food truck. They support us and follow us on our social media. The breweries and venues we serve at are extremely appreciative we are there to serve food and incredibly wonderful to work with. It's an amazing relationship. The food truck world in Asheville is tight nit group who stick together and work together. It's an amazingly hard business, but I love what I do and I get to do it every day!”

Foodies can check out on Facebook and on their website for more amazing tasty goodies!

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