Take your own tour of Asheville's haunted places

One of the many men who committed suicide after the stock market crashed is said to remain in Asheville City Hall. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

It should be no surprise there's numerous claims of ghosts and spooks in a city as old as Asheville. Want to explore some of the most haunted places in Asheville? Here you go!

Helen's Bridge

According to legend, a woman, inconsolable after the death of her daughter in a fire, hung herself from Helen's Bridge on Beaucatcher Mountain. Helen is supposed to wander the mountain in a long gown, asking those she meets if they have seen her daughter. (Corner of College Street and BeaucatcherRoad)

Grove Park Inn

The story goes that a woman was pushed or fell from a balcony to her death. The Pink Lady has been seen numerous times by staff and guests.

Craven Street Bridge

At the Craven Street Bridge over the French Broad River, the ghost of a naked boy is said to roam. The story is that he drowned in the river near the bridge.

Church Street

Church Street was created when unmarked graves were paved over. Among the apparitions seen there is a woman dressed in old-fashioned clothes who appears to be searching for something. And there's the Black Abbey, who is often seen at First Presbyterian Church.

Jackson Building

A face, said to belong to a man who committed suicide when he lost everything in the Great Depression, is seen in one of the top windows. The bullseye on the sidewalk in front of the building is supposed to be where the man landed. (22 S. Pack Square)

Battery Park Hotel

There’re several ghosts said to be roaming around Battery Park Hotel. The spirit of a man who was murdered in the former hotel is said to haunt the building. The ghost of Helen Clevenger is another spirit who is said to remain in the former hotel. And there have been numerous claims of what appear to be bodies falling from the roof – attributed to the number of suicides that used to occur there. (Battle Square)

Pond Road

At the old quarry site on Pond Road, near WNC Farmer's Market, a phantom dog roams.

Lewis Memorial Park

Cemetery workers say Robert J. Lewis, who donated the land for the cemetery, rides through the park on a ghostly horse. (415 Beaverdam Road)

Pritchard Park

Staging area for soldiers during the Civil War, Pritchard Park is said to be haunted by a Confederate soldier. (67 Patton Ave.)

Smith-McDowell House

Smith-McDowell House Museum, a restored house and museum built in 1840, is said to be haunted by four ghosts. (283 Victoria Road)

Chicken Alley

Numerous sightings of the ghost of Dr. Jamie Smith, who was killed in a bar fight in 1902, have been reported. (Between North Lexington Avenue and Broadway Street)

Thomas Wolfe Memorial

Thomas Wolfe's boyhood home has a few spirits. Witnesses have seen a man upstairs sitting in a rocking chair. Others have seen a woman the dining room. Others have heard the sounds of an old typewriter. And there’s a face that has been seen in one of the upstairs windows looking out onto the street at night. (52 N. Market St.)

Basilica of St. Lawrence

People who have been in the Basilica of St. Lawrence have reported doors opening without anyone near them, odd lights and orbs and cold spots. The ghosts people have seen are believed to belong to a former priest who died in the building, as well as the ghost of Rafael Guastavino, an architect who, along with his wife and daughter, is buried there. (97 Haywood St.)

Merrimon and Broadway

James Sneed and James Henry were convicted of stealing a horse and hanged at the intersection in 1835. The sounds of horse hooves, a wagon and a gallows trap-door are heard here.

Asheville City Hall

One of the many men who committed suicide after the stock market crashed is said to remain in Asheville City Hall. The apparition wears old-fashioned clothes and has been spotted waiting in line at the snack bar. Some say the ghost has been known to ransack offices during the night. (City-County Plaza)

Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria

In 1906, Will Harris shot and killed five people, including two policemen, and then killed himself in the area where Barley’s stands. To make it even creepier, the town gallows were once nearby. (42 Biltmore Ave.)

Scandals Nightclub

Scandals Nightclub, which began in 1982, is haunted by an apparition of a Native American woman who is also blamed for unexplained lighting issues. (11 S. Grove St.)

Waneta Street

A 1920s unsolved murder along Waneta Street centered on two women who were beaten to death. The killer’s apparition has been seen carrying the pipe or club he used to commit the crime.

Riverside Cemetery

Witnesses have heard gunfire and seen a Confederate army marching in Riverside Cemetery, which has more than 13,000 graves. (53 Birch St.)

Isis Restaurant and Music Hall

Isis Restaurant and Music Hall is housed in the historic 1930s Isis Theater. One of the ghosts here is Susie, a former owner’s little girl who passed away. People have also reported seeing an older man’s ghost and hearing whistling, whispers and footsteps. (743 Haywood Road)

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