Neighborhood Eats: Blue Mountain Pizza and Brew Pub

Blue Mountain Pizza in Weaverville has become an institution for many locals, and there are many reasons to love it.(Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

There is a restaurant in Weaverville that has become known for great pizza, craft brews and even homemade ice cream.

Blue Mountain Pizza has become an institution for many locals, and there are plenty of reasons to love it.

"People like when they come in the door, and we call them by name and say, 'Hello,' and they love that," server Adrienne Tasin said.

Regular customer Bill Tilson can attest to the warm atmosphere at Blue Mountain.

"You remember the old sitcom 'Cheers' on television? 'Hey Norm!' -- all this kind of stuff," he described. "It's like, 'Hey, Bill' when I walk in."

Tilson is a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur.

"You know, they make every slice custom. Like, there's not a pizza in the back under a heat lamp that they pull a slice off and slap some sausage or pepperoni on," he said.

The pizzeria opened back in 2004 along Main Street and has been part of Weaverville's growing success.

"Weaverville, we think, is the last frontier of western Carolina," customer Stom Peterson said. "It's burgeoning. A lot of businesses and folks locating here."

Along with serving the best pie in town, Blue Mountain Pizza gives back. They've donated more than $144,000 to organizations in Weaverville through an ongoing fundraising program.

The pizzeria has also served as a place people forge connections with others.

"We have people that come in separately for years and now they meet here every Sunday night," Tasin said.

Although pizza is in its name, Blue Mountain serves up a variety of dishes along with their famous pies -- including pastas, sandwiches and quesadillas. They also offer a family-style spaghetti dinner on Thursday nights.

Blue Mountain Pizza is open Tuesday - Sunday (check hours of operation here). They're located at 55 North Main Street in Weaverville.

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