Neighborhood Eats: Dave's 209

Dave's 209 is in the little town of Spring Creek, right off North Carolina Highway 209. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

This week, Neighborhood Eats headed into the mountains of Madison County to a spot best known to hikers and bikers.

Dave's 209 is in the little town of Spring Creek, right off of -- you guessed it -- North Carolina Highway 209.

NC 209 is known by motorcycle enthusiasts for its twists and turns.

"It's called 'The Rattler,' and if you tell someone where you live -- I'm on 'The Rattler' -- which is like 200 some turns in 24 turns," customer Denise Gunther said.

It's why Dave Thomas, the owner of Dave's 209, set-up shop here.

"I'm a motorcycle rider myself, and I love this ride," he said. "I just thought this was a good point because we are literally at the half way point."

The restaurant opened three years ago and you might call it a hang out for a lot of folks.

"If they don't know your name, they know you when they see your face," customer Wilma Wilson said the atmosphere at Dave's.

The restaurant specializes in comfort food, like burgers, sandwiches, and pizza.

"Dave's got great food. It's all fresh," Gunther said. "He does a little variety, tries to make specials that's not the same, and it's really good."

Dave, who is a bit of a burger connoisseur, said he has one goal for customers.

"That people could leave here happy and full and feel like they had a great burger, but also that they didn't break the bank to do it," he said.

The food at Dave's 209 is not the only thing special about this restaurant. The building used to be Spring Creek's school.

"We've all got memories here. This is our school," customer Kathy Frisbee said.

"The building was built in 1923, so, all the stones, all the wood, all the windows -- all that stuff was donated by the locals here," Dave explained. "The rocks came from the fields across the street there."

Which means, in addition to a helping of good food, customers also get a dose of history.

"Come on up, visit Max Patch, come stop by Dave's and enjoy the day off up in the mountains," Gunther said.

Dave's 209 is located at 13075 Highway 209. Click here for their hours of operation.

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