Neighborhood Eats: Fahrenheit Pizza and Brewhouse

Fahrenheit Pizza and Brewhouse in Asheville, North Carolina, in May of 2018. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

A neighborhood pizza joint in South Asheville is brimming with hospitality and delicious pies.

Fahrenheit Pizza and Brewhouse opened in August of 2016. Co-owner Jim Kloman is an Asheville native, but lived in New York for five years. There, he developed a love for pizza.

"I came home and just couldn't find that thing that I was looking for," Kloman recalled.

That's when Kloman and his son took matters into their own hands, traveling to Staten Island to learn the ways of a proper New York pizza.

"We went up to New York and trained with the three time world champion pizza makers in Staten Island, New York, and brought back all of their recipes and processes," Klomon said.

Kloman chalks up a lot Fahrenheit Pizza's success to the special oven they use.

"There's only about three of these in the states," Kloman said. "[There are] several thousands in Europe, but it's an Italian-imported oven, and it cooks up to a thousand degrees. It's made from lava stones."

The training and special equipment add up to a product that customers rave about.

"Jim seems to make it just like we're home, and hands down, the best pizza in Asheville," customer Michael Shapiro said.

"It's just the best pizza! It really is!" customer Marilyn Sholin insisted. "We've been here for almost 11 years and we've tried every place."

Along with pizza, Fahrenheit also serves smoked wings, calzones, and salads. There's also a self-pour, pay-by-the-ounce beer wall that features several local brews and some national brands.

Aside from the food, Kloman says hospitality is high on his list for success.

"That's what we're wanting to create here, kind of that 'Cheers' environment ... That everybody knows each other when they come in and sit at this community table and talk to each other," Kloman said.

That's a goal customers say he can check off his list.

"We love it here. It's so casual ... Jim makes it a point to come and talk to everybody and he knows everybody's name and what they do," Sholin said.

Fahrenheit Pizza is located at 17 Lee Street-South in Asheville, near the Skyland Fire Department. Click here for store hours.

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