What's the Deal: 2018 Spring hair styles

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

Looking to add a bit of spring to your step this season with a fresh new do?

In this week’s What’s the Deal, News 13’s Holly Headrick takes a look at what’s in style for both men and women this Spring.

So what’s the most popular request? "I want something different, we're going to color it up, shape it up.” Stylist Joseph Reindeau has heard it all.

Many people are looking for an up-to-the-minute, easy to manage look that’s perfect for the warm spring and summer temperatures.

"She did have hair to her mid-waist and we were going for a more trendy look," says stylist Meghan Lafore.

Whatever the reason, they stylist needs to know what's hot, often turning to the internet for answers. "YouTube, Pinterest, magazines, all of us stylists bouncing off each other,” says Reindeau. Lafore agrees,

"I go onto Pinterest to try to keep up because styles are always changing."

Christy Barrett knew she wanted low maintenance, "I rely on my stylist for the trendy and in parts."

Which is this season's blunt bob. “There is no layers in this whatsoever, a little texturizing on the ends," says Meghan. From there, add a soft beachy wave, "the idea is to get a very textural look with very squared off ends."

"This little waver is really easy. It takes me like 10 minutes and lasts for about three days," says Christy.

Even shorter hair and color is also in, "I've seen a lot of pixie bobs they are not quite pixie not quite bob, short in the back and face-framing around the cheekbone area," says Meghan. "Balayage is pretty popular or something similar that sort of painted in highlight."

What's the deal for men?

"I'm kind of your typical businessman kind of guy and kind of get a typical haircut, but Joseph says he's going to try and mix it up today." Client Patrick Fitzsimmons is ready for a change, but a controlled one, "I said don't mix it up too much."

"With Mr. Fitzsimmons, we're not going to get too crazy with him, but people are shaving 0 and up fading and taking it real exaggerated with the part and really tight on the sides and longer on top That kind of pompadour 50s look is really huge," says Joseph.

Joseph and Meghan both work at Aabani salon in Biltmore Village. There, a cut and style start at $45.

Right now, men get a complimentary mini facial with cuts and women get a complimentary conditioning treatment with a cut.

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