What’s the Deal: Finding the right protection for your kids in the sun

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

Parents do all sorts of things to protect their kids, and keeping them from harmful sun rays is one of them. Do you use a proven conventional sunscreen with chemicals on their dainty skin, or go with something natural or organic?

New mom Justine Fairclough tell us she regularly worries about her daughter, Finley's fair skin. So far, she’s been going the organic route for sunscreen, "We have been using Babyganics on her and the mineral sunscreen, but also just keeping her covered and out of the sun."

Checking store shelves can be confusing with so many choices, both traditional and organic. "On my own research, I've realized it's hard to know what to use and what is safe and whether it's actually working on her," says Justine.

CVS Health nurse practitioner, Nicki Gatton says Justine's exactly right, "At this time we don't have studies that demonstrate that the organic products are as effective as some of the traditional sunscreen products."

There is another alternative. If you don't want a lot of chemicals on your child try a rash guard or upf clothing. "A lot of the time the clothing itself provides more of a barrier to the sun's rays so that is something that is not going to be absorbed into the skin," says Gatton.

Justine agrees, "we just got her her first swimsuit and we went with the rash guard with the long sleeves just because I don't necessarily want to put nasty chemicals on her, but I don't want her to fry in the sun."

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