What’s the Deal: Spring make-up trends for 2018

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

Spring is just around the corner and maybe it's time to freshen up our looks. One thing’s for sure, beauty junkies everywhere will be taking a double look at color this year when it comes to staying on trend.

"Brighter colors and more pastels in the color scheme. A lot less of the darks and burgundy’s," master stylist Ashley Gregory pays attention to detail and what's hot. "I'm seeing a lot in the nudes and a lot of just matching your outfits. So, if you have a pop of color, make a lip that matches."

That’s right, Spring 2018 will have a natural appearance with mattes versus a lot of gloss and shine. A look a lot of people, like Kayla Hurst likes, "I do. I like the bright colored lips the eyes very neutral and very subtle for spring."

Brand new this season at Aabani Salon in Asheville, a new four-step process for your lips, "Aveda has created a way to have a long-lasting effect and still be in the natural family, so you're not having all the bad parabens, chemicals and cancer-causing products."

The process starts with a lip treatment, to moisturize, followed up with liner, exfoliant and color all over.

Ashley says to be sure you don’t forget, the most important way to pull off your spring look is to start with a clean palate, "What are you priming with? Before we even get started with the makeup side, what are you washing your face what are you taking care of at home because if you have healthy skin your makeup is going to stay on longer."

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