What's the Deal: Staycation vacation this summer travel season

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Tis the season! Between Spring Break and summer vacation planning, folks from across the country are weighing the pros and cons of various travel hotspots.

So, the question came to us…Western North Carolina has so much to offer, why not try a staycation?

"I have done a staycation, I'm doing it right now." Martina Barnes and her pups might just have the right idea, taking it easy with the help of a friend. "She has some AirBnB's on Chicken Alley and I'm going to go stay there for a few nights and just get away from all my responsibilities."

It's no surprise, it's expensive to visit Asheville, but if you're a local you might just have a leg up.

"If you're local and you're flexible and can go on short notice or go someplace during the week you are way ahead," says Mark File of

Weekends and the summer months are most expensive. "Rates change, usually you find better rates during the week. You can find packages, last minute deals," says Mark. He also recommends you do a bit of research before locking in your plan, "if you have a place and are like 'oh I would love to stay there' sign up for social media feeds and a lot of times they will post last minute deals."

Another idea, check outside the city, "Our smaller towns have smaller motels and inns smaller bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals and they are usually much less expensive than Asheville."

Asheville resident Bree Miller says her ideal stop would be someplace comfortable and nice, "If I were going to staycation I would either camp or I would probably go to Biltmore or a nice bed and breakfast."

"When you are looking for a place to stay you might say the rates for bed and breakfasts are a little high, but they include so much," says Mark. Added value to consider when looking around. "At a bed and breakfast, you get that experience of usually staying at a grand mansion or house with a lot of history. The innkeepers are very friendly, they help plan your trip and really pamper and take care of you and then you wake up to this great breakfast!"

You can then linger on the porch with coffee, hang out in the big living room and in the evening, wine receptions are often included too.

Still gaining popularity are "vacation rentals by owner" or VRBO and AirBnB.

Debbie Crawford, "I think a lot of people do it, especially younger people who do everything on the internet."

Martina Barnes, "One of the things I enjoy about AirBnB is that if I don't feel like interacting with other guests like at a bed and breakfast then I can just do my own thing and I get a new beautiful environment that's not my home."

Mark points out, it doesn't have to be boring, “You may find a yurt or a treehouse." "You can stay someplace you usually don't stay and that makes a great memory."

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