What's the Deal: We test out new gadgets promising to ease your Spring Cleaning woes

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

Haven't finished your spring cleaning just yet? Have you started? If not, no worries, you still have time! The unofficial start to summer is just a week away, but News 13’s Holly Headrick made a stop in at Lily’s As Seen on TV to find some easy hacks to making your clean-up project a breeze!

The cleaning section at Lily’s is large, so we narrowed it down to the three newest items on the shelves.

When you think spring cleaning and “as seen on tv,” many people go directly to one product: the mop. There are plenty of them out there to choose from, but could this new one top them all? “Yes, it's the Miracle Spin Mop Duo. It's sturdier. It is a fantastic mop. Just stick it in your mop water. Put it in the little spinner and give it a spin a little push and you're good to go," says Lily’s As Seen on TV’s Donna McMahan.

So, we decided to give it a test…well, we brought in the experts at Merry Maids to test out the device. Becky Pressley typically scrubs floors by hand, so one would think the mop might be a big help. Becky’s findings…not great, “with hand strength yes, our older customers maybe not be able to get that unlocked and locked properly. On linoleum or ceramic, it would probably be all right, but on hardwood floors you may not want to consider this." Any time you're ringing out excess water, that's not good for your wood floors. And it says that it mops dries and polishes in one step and that's obviously not true because we are going to have to wait for it to dry. Personally, I wouldn't use it because it's going to leave too much water."

The Dust Daddy is made to clean crevasses and small spaces. Once again, we turned to the expects to test it out. The Dusty Daddy is a little contraption with flexible straw-like attachments hook right into your vacuum hose. We asked Becky to test them out on those pesky blinds, because it’s one of the things is says on the box it cleans, and something every home has, a junk drawer.

When it came to the blinds, "you're still getting dust on them." No not a great tool for blinds, but what about the junk drawer? “It seems to do all right in the junk drawer and it didn't try to pick up the change or anything like that," says Becky. The small tubes only picked up the crumbs, so, for 19.99, "to clean small crevasses, drawers, silverware drawer it might be worth having for those small areas."

What about dealing with heavy items…boxes, luggage, laundry. All of it can start to break our backs, but maybe not anymore. A new product says it might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. The Climb Cart says it can hold up to 75-pounds and make moving heavy items a breeze.

The funky wheels may look strange but they’re designed to climb steps, making it easier to move heavy items without injuring yourself. It's light weight and comes with a bag and bungee cord.

We measured and put 33-pounds of cat food and drinks on the cat and bungeed it together to prevent falls. After that, we put Becky to work. The verdict, “it seems to work pretty well you just have to have the arm strength to pull up on it." Becky was also only using one hand, “ I'm right hand dominate and was using my left hand so it did make things easier." For $40, making things easier might be worth it to you.

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