Polk County cabinet shop destroyed by fire


A Polk County business owner lost everything in a New Years Day fire.

Flames gutted his small cabinet shop outside Columbus, and officials say the cause was a faulty oil heater.

"It went up and started burning, it was burnt," said neighbor Mason Shields, "I mean it didn't take ten minutes for it to be inside fire to the whole thing."

Bill Culbreth built "Bill's Cabinet Shop" on Jackson Grove Road 48 years ago.

Cabinet makers use a great deal of wood, paint, lacquer and other combustibles to do their work.

The Columbus Fire Department was called to the scene just before 11:00 in the morning on New Years Day.

When crews arrived, they say the structure fire was already well underway.

Mason Shields watched it all from the house next door.

"You could feel the heat a hundred yards away, and it was just pouring black smoke from all the oil and paint thinner and everything that was in the cabinet shop," said Shields.

Polk County Fire Marshal Bobby Arledge told News 13 the blaze could be traced to the area around an oil heater inside the almost half century old building.

Flames started spreading into some nearby woods, towards a mobile home behind the cabinet shop.

Crews from Columbus, Landrum, Mill Spring, Green Creek and New Prospect Fire Departments were able to get the blaze under control.

No one was injured, and the cabinet shop is listed as a total loss.

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