Rep. Patrick McHenry wants Turkey to know U.S. policy makers are watching Brunson trial

"What we wanted to show to the Turkish regime was that American policy makers are aware of his captivity," Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-10th District) tells News 13. (Image credit: WLOS Staff)

Congressman Patrick McHenry was chosen as the Republican nominee for the 10th District in North Carolina on Tuesday night. During a Connect to Congress interview on Wednesday, he told News 13 he is pleased by the level of support in his district.

"It's a real honor to get another term," he said. ""I think we've got major issues we can debate as a country about tax policy, economic growth, and how we improve the lives of average Americans."

Pastor Andrew Brunson

The Chief Deputy House Whip, along with 153 bi-partisan members of the House, sent a letter to the president of Turkey last week, urging the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson from Black Mountain. Brunson has been imprisoned in Turkey for more than a year, accused of aiding terrorist groups.

"What we wanted to show to the Turkish regime was that American policy makers are aware of his captivity," Rep. McHenry said. "We think it's wrong and unjust and we're going to make sure we have all options on the table here in Washington to respond to this issue."

U.S. pulling out of Iran nuclear deal

Congressman McHenry says he never supported the original Iran nuclear deal because he found it was insufficient.

"We left Iran with more money, greater resources to use against their neighbors to destabilize the middle east further and to continue their missile and nuclear programs," he said. McHenry went on to say that he supports President Trump's initiative and that Trump is following through on a campaign promise he made a year and a half ago.

Russia Investigation

When asked about the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller into potential collusion with Russia, he said it's clear Russian interfered in the 2016 election.

"What we are now waiting for is a conclusion of [Robert] Mueller's investigation about Russian interference and whether or not there was collusion," he said. "I think the evidence at this point shows that there was no collusion, but that Russian actors were bad actors."

"I want to see the results of this report, and I think he [Mueller] should be given sufficient time to do it, but that sufficient time is drawing pretty near."

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