Brown to challenge Rep. McHenry for 10th Congressional District

David Wilson Brown (right) will run against Congressman Patrick McHenry (left) for the 10th Congressional District in November. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Congressman Patrick McHenry will take on challenger David Wilson Brown for North Carolina's 10th Congressional District in November.

McHenry easily won the Republican primary on Tuesday. The congressman spoke with News 13 on Wednesday about the primary results and upcoming fall campaign.

"Very pleased by the level of support we were able to receive in the election yesterday and look forward to the general election. I think we've got major issues we can debate as a country, about tax policy, economic growth," McHenry said. "How we can improve the lives of average Americans, get them back working and more prosperous."

Democrat David Wilson Brown will challenge McHenry in the fall.

He said McHenry's seven terms in Congress may have put him out of touch with average Americans. Brown told News 13 on Wednesday that if he is elected, he will work to bring a spirit of compromise back to Congress.

"We need to get back to that because that's where government really exists, where the compromise in the middle exists -- that's government," he said. "You know, you can talk about the hyper-partisanism of the right or the left, but that compromise in government is what occurs, the deal-making that helps move the country forward in a progressive way, but at a moderated pace."

Brown also talked about affordable health care and a living wage.

Click here for a complete list of primary results.

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