Access to healthcare improves in Saluda


Saluda Family Medicine, a service of St. Luke's Hospital, is about to open and not a moment too soon.

"There's quite a population that really doesn't have a doctor," Patty Martin said of Saluda, which has a population of 700.

"I think that a town the size of Saluda should have a doctor," explained new family physician Dr. Lisa Broyles. "They had one years ago, but that clinic closed down and everyone's been without a doctor for years."

Martin, 73, lives in Saluda, but has already seen Broyles in Columbus while work on the new building wraps up in Saluda.

Broyles realizes most of her patients will be seniors.

"A lot of people are either home bound or it's difficult to travel -- and with the winter weather, Saluda often gets locked in and we can't get up or down the mountain. So, having a clinic in Saluda will be critical for access," she said.

"She just has a totally different approach than my former physician, who I liked," Martin said of Broyles.

"I'm a big 'get people off their drugs and do things naturally,' and use diet and lifestyle to be healthy and happy," insisted Broyles.

There is a better chance of Martin staying that way now that she can see her doctor close to home.

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