Baby goes home after more than 9 months in NICU

After more than nine months in the NICU at Mission Children's Hospital, little Nicholas Cutshaw finally went home for the first time. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Pictures hanging in the neonatal intensive care unit at Mission Children's Hospital trace the slow but steady progress of little Nicholas Cutshaw.

"He is a Christmas miracle," said Kim Johnson, one of Nicholas' many caregivers. "He was born on the twenty-third of last year, right around Christmas."

"Nicholas was born at 25 weeks and 1 day, so he was very early," explained his mom, Brittany Cutshaw.

Nicholas spent 291 days in the NICU -- that's nine and a half months.

Only recently was he able to go home and be with his family, despite having under-developed lungs, a tracheostomy, feeding tube, and dependence on a ventilator.

"I didn't know how any of this worked. It was all very scary to me," Brittany said. "My nurses and respiratory therapist taught me how to do all of this."

"As we were seeing a target date for him to go home, we started having her do some things, trach changes," Kim recalled. "(Brittany) said she was nervous. She didn't exude it."

The 23-year-old mom added, "He is growing, gaining weight, and getting longer, and if you can look past all these attachments, he's just a normal baby."

He is one this mother hopes can live a normal life, eventually free from all the tubes.

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