Every second counts with a stroke

(Photo credit: MGN)

"I was totally paralyzed. I could not move. All I could do was see," 79-year-old Dick Welch recalled of his stroke.

The blood clot in the brain sent Welch to Mission Hospital in May, where a catheter procedure within minutes of arrival reached the clot.

"Soon as we can open up an artery that's blocked, the greater the chance we can help preserve brain function," Dr. Alex Schneider, a Mission interventional neurologist, said.

"When I woke up, there was a charming nurse smiling at me holding up a bag with my blood clot in it, and I could move!" Welch recalled.

"He has no real effects," Schneider said. "He's walking, working again."

"It was a miracle," Welch said of his recovery.

"My family was shocked, because they had a very emotional experience watching me being totally paralyzed," he continued.

This outcome happened, doctors say, because Welch's wife immediately recognized the symptoms, called 911, and paramedics began treatment as well as hospital coordination within the optimal 90-minute window.

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