Holidays don't have to ruin healthy lifestyle

Maggie Edens, 70, got moving after a visit to the doctor revealed she was pre-diabetic. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Maggie Edens, 70, got moving after a visit to the doctor.

"I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic," said Edens. "I was not yet diabetic, but I was on my way. I was way overweight."

Months later, she has lost one-third of her body weight, but knows from education at Mission Weight Management that temptation is ahead this time of year.

"It is helpful to make sure you eat a snack before you go to your holiday party, and don't skip breakfast before you have Thanksgiving because when we're hungry we tend to overeat," said Cassy Scott, an exercise specialist at Mission Weight Management.

Edens added, "I still go to parties, and sometimes I bring something I know I can indulge in."

Still, staying active is key.

Edens has quite the routine. She works out five days a week -- Monday through Friday -- 30 to 45 minutes at a clip.

"Maggie is an avid exerciser," Scott insisted. "She's really embraced this overall change of a health lifestyle."

"My focus now is not so much on how much weight I want to lose, but how do I not regain it," Edens said.

She won't, experts say, as long as she plans ahead, stays active, limits her social calendar and remains accountable.

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