TeleHealth in McDowell County Schools

MCDOWELL COUNTY, N.C. -- For some students in McDowell County, going to see the school nurse is the same as visiting their doctor's office.

TeleHealth is improving care and convenience for students and parents.

What's different about TeleHealth is that a family nurse practitioner is remotely logged in from Spruce Pine and seeing everything the nurse is by way of TeleMedicine.

"Sometimes the parent isn't able to get the child in for an appointment," Heather Ray, an RN at McDowell County Schools said. "With us, with the TeleHealth we're able to use it on the child that day and get them treatment."

"We want to help kids stay at school, parents stay at work and be convenient for the whole family," Christy Lewis with Health E-Schools said.

This will supplement -- not replace -- the child's primary care physician.

Mission Health helped secure the grant for the TeleMedicine program that is paid for by the Duke Endowment.

It's now in half the schools in McDowell County.
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