100 new jobs could be on the way to Mars Hill area

Boyle Enterprises plans to begin assembling LED lights next month and will replace all of the lights in it's facility with the high efficiency panels. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Close to 100 new jobs could be on the way to Madison County as part of a joint venture to manufacture solar panels and LED lights.

When the facility is fully up to speed, it will produce 400, 000 solar panels every year.

Locally owned Boyle Enterprises has a twofold business plan for this facility. In the next month, it plans to begin assembling LED lights, and will begin the hiring process.

Boyle Enterprises will partner with solar-cell developer IntriEnergy to produce high-efficiency solar cells. The company is currently building a prototype and working to get it certified which is expected by next year. The best consumer solar cells are currently are 17 percent efficient. The efficiency of Boyle's prototype is 24 percent efficient. Boyle told News 13 it would take about 16-17 of his cells to generate about 3 kilowatts, enough to power an average home.

CEO William Boyle owns Wholesale Glass and Mirror in Asheville, where he employs veterans. He said he hopes to do the same in Madison County.

"We also hire incarcerated, somebody that's gone in for minor offenses, to give them a second chance," Boyle said. "We plan on doing the same thing with the veterans, somebody that needs a second chance, we're going to give them one."

Boyle is a veteran himself, and has been working on this venture for close to eight years.

He expects the facility to be fully operational and have a staff of close to 100 by 2019.

He would like to renovate another building on site to provide veteran housing for 24 of his future employees.

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