101-year-old woman casts her vote 'because it's important'

Mary Sue Wilson, 101, of Mitchell County talks with News 13 about not only voting early but voting for a female president. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

MITCHELL COUNTY, N.C. -- Mary Sue Wilson turned 101 years old on Monday and then voted early on Thursday.

She's the oldest voter in Mitchell County and maybe even western North Carolina.

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Many know her as 'Granny Sue' and they also know that she's never missed out on a chance to vote.

"I always voted," she said. "Because it's important."

However, this year's election means more to her than all the rest since she first voted in 1936.

"I just voted. I think I went by myself," Granny Sue said. "I did vote for FDR."

Fast-forward 80 years to the first day of early voting on October 20. Granny Sue was there not only voting but for a woman.

"I voted for Hillary Clinton," Granny Sue said. “I like everything about her. I think she’s honest. You can put your trust in her."

Granny Sue has made it her life's work to make sure not only herself but others get out and vote.

"There was this one lady, and I took her every time the polls were open. I went by her house and picked her up in my car," she said. "I knew I was doing the right thing."

Granny Sue says voting is not only a right but an obligation.

Her vote this year is for a chance to witness the first female president.

“I think it’s outstanding," she said. "That is very special."

Granny Sue says she's sure she'll see Hillary Clinton in the oval office before she 'dies a Democrat.'

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