6 smash-and-grabs reported outside Hendersonville gym

"They have debit cards. They have credit cards. They have everything," Claudia Tamayo said of the thief or thieves. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Hendersonville police are investigating six smash-and-grabs from vehicles outside the Planet Fitness gym on Spartanburg Highway. One woman had $1,200 stolen from her car.

The club offered to cancel that customer's membership, but what she really wanted was for the club to install surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the parking lot.

"They have debit cards. They have credit cards. They have everything," Claudia Tamayo said of the thief or thieves.

Tamayo said her gym bag was on top of her purse in her Prius. She said the thief or thieves took $1,200 along with other valuables.

"The reason why I had that much money in it was because I was supposed to have surgery, dental surgery," Tamayo said.

She said she regrets carrying the cash. But Tamayo said she knows five other people’s cars have been hit parked in front of the Planet Fitness.

"Knowing that it's not the first time it happens and they're not doing anything about putting cameras on the parking lot, it's become too unsafe because I'm the one that goes at 10:30, 11 o'clock."

Planet Fitness member Carissa Rogers' car was broken into Monday night, the same night as Tamayo's.

"They stole my purse. They stole my wallet," Rogers said. “My car was like three parking spaces away from the building, so I thought it would be safe.”

A call to the local franchise for comment went unreturned. A national spokesperson for Planet Fitness emailed the following statement:

"The safety and security of our members is our top priority, and we are working with the local authorities in their investigation of the incident outside the Planet Fitness in Hendersonville," a company spokesman said in the statement.

Meanwhile, authorities have little to go on.

"There's no video surveillance to try and help us identify folks, so we're kind of at a dead end," Hendersonville Capt. Chris Leroy said. "Obviously, since the windows were broken, there's no way to print shattered windows."

That's why police are hoping someone may contact them with a lead.

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