6-year-old trapped under tree returns to his home to see scene

    6-year-old wass trapped under tree that crashed on his house.

    Six-year-old Johnny Augustus Reed Taylor may be young, but he knows he was in a serious situation Wednesday afternoon.

    “I heard a tree,” Taylor said. “I was very scared.”

    About 4 p.m., a tree about 40-feet tall came crashing down on Reed’s mobile home in Black Mountain, where he lives with his dad. Taylor was watching a movie and sitting on a beanbag in the middle of the house in the living room. His father, Quincy Taylor, said his son’s head was pinned under the outer portion of the tree that had fallen through the roof and into the home.

    “He could move all his feet, his legs and everything,” Quincy Taylor said. “It was just pinned on his head.

    Quincy Taylor and Reed’s mother, Amy Payne, wanted to bring Reed back to the house Thursday so he could fully begin to process what happened and what they consider an amazing situation where their son’s life was spared.

    “He was sitting on a beanbag, and I think that helped to cushion him from the weight of the tree,” Quincy Taylor said.

    Firefighters were able to cut under the home Wednesday and within 90 minutes got Reed out.

    “The moment they pulled him out, it was almost like delivering him again. That joy, of just seeing him. It was remarkable," Payne said.

    Amy had rushed to the home Wednesday as soon as she was able. But watching from the street, she was helpless to get her son out. The family has lost their home they rented but are thankful to have their son safe and well. Reed’s mother said his MRI scan came back just fine.

    A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family.

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