ABCCM plays Santa to 4-year-old fighting cancer

4-year-old Logan Dover receives gifts thanks to ABCCM this Christmas. His parents have been juggling his medical needs after he was diagnosed this year with a tumor behind his eye. (Photo: WLOS staff)

The spirit of Christmas arrived in Leicester Monday, with gifts for a 4-year-old boy facing chemotherapy.

Diagnosed February 17, 2017 with cancer, Logan Dover is laughing and smiling despite the serious medical treatments he’s been through.

“It was devastating,” said Felisha Dover. “It was a big shock. He’s been doing chemo and steroids.”

On top of focusing on their little boy, Felisha and her husband Alan just welcomed a son, a week ago.

Felisha was placed on bed rest during her pregnancy.

“The steroids that Logan was on, he really has to be watched, so Alan could not go to work,” she said.

Her husband had to take leave from his machinist job in Weaverville he began about six months ago. While he said his company has been understanding, no paycheck is coming in, and the family was faced with a stark Christmas for their son.

“It just wasn’t going to be much of a Christmas. We couldn’t afford to buy anything for him,” said Felisha.

But after contacting ABCCM, the couple said the charity was able to help, providing gifts for Logan and his new brother, Gabriel.

“We are very thankful,” Alan said.

“Logan got up this morning and came straight in here and said, ‘Ho Ho’ brought me presents,” said Felisha.

The couple said they’re thankful to ABCCM because the charity said they would bring food and be able to assist in some way with their rent while they get back on their feet, when Alan goes back to work.

ABCCM focuses its efforts on delivering gifts for children during the holidays and assisting families with heating bills during the winter.

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